How to turn on PS4 local chat?

Game mode: [Online | ]
Problem: [ | Misc]
Region: [EU]
Server [Chillaxation]

Hey all’s.

When I look at the Player List on main menu, I see everyone has the microphone symbol except me :weary:

I have had other players come up to me and I see their name fkashup with the microphone symbol as if they are trying to chat with me, but I can’t hear anything.

Is there some setting I need to turn on in the PS4 settings to allow me to chat with other players ?

Cheers Diz9000

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Have the same problem

Same problem except i can hear others but they can’t hear me

The missing microphone symbol in the player list for your own char is intended:
You can mute other players in the playerlist. The muted players microphone symbol will change to crossed out (because you can’t mute yourself, there is no microphone symbol at your own char (it’s the same for me)).

The InGame Voice Chat on PS4 is not working very reliable.
In most parts I can see the InGame Voice Chat Name-Symbol in the lower left of the Screen… but I can not hear someone.
If I can hear somebody, the quality of Chat is 1990-ish (means: “not-good”) :wink:
(this is most probably caused because of too much load on the gameservers or a bug in the InGame VoiceChat Codec (other online Games that do have a InGame Voice chat (eg “The Division” from Ubisoft) are working like a charm (voice qualitiy is like PSN party).