[Item] Gemcutter Marquise Jet and Marquise Pushparagam recipes not working Version: Conan_v5.01.0@596667_ConanLiveWin32_2019 Revision: 596667

[Item] Gemcutter recipes Marquise Jet and Marquise Pushparagam not working, incorrectly stating that Thieves Guild 1 is required, guild has Thieves Guild 2.
Version: Conan_v5.01.0@596667_ConanLiveWin32_2019 Revision: 596667

Marquise Jet and Marquise Pushparagam Gemcutter recipes are not working. They require Thieves Guild 1 in a guild city, and my guild has Thieves Guild 2, but the craft recipe box does not recognize my guild city building.

Character: Level 80 Khitan Bear Shaman

Steps to Reproduce.

  1. Have Gemcutter Tradeskill
  2. Be in Guild with Thieves Guild 2 building
  3. Have Gemcutter: Elemental Marquise Jet and Omnific Marquise Pushparagam
  4. Attempt to craft any of the aforementioned recipes.

Old forums had posts regarding this same problem, most people had their issues fixed by In-Game support, but it has been roughly 6 days (with four tickets submitted; I was advised to close a ticket and reopen due to tickets dropping or somehow getting lost) and there has been no contact from In-Game support/GM.

Haven’t heard of tickets getting dropped / lost. There is however likely still a delay of up to, or great than 1 month for a GM to respond.

Do you have Thieves Guild Level one or only level two? Some guild lost the lower level buildings when the guild was moved from one server to another for a merge. If that is the case, in game /petition and wait up to a month for a GM to delete and rebuild the levels.

@Roddam my guild has been on Crom for years, and no one else in the guild was encountering this issue. These are recipes dropped in the world.

@Pianki I was just following what others had told me. It didn’t seem likely, but I figured it was worth a shot; I’d be waiting either way.

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