Items despawning PS4 official 3548

Game mode: [Online PVP]
Problem: [Bug:Despawning of items]
Region: [NorthAmerica]

After the update today when I logged in, several of the items in my castle disappeared (Not raided either). I lost:

**A Cauldron with Thrall in one room.
**A forge with Thrall and three chest one filled with oil, one filled with ingot, and one filled with steel in one of the forge rooms
**Three press bins that should have had at least 900 oil in them from fish in another room

This game is not worth playing if your hard work is eliminated not by the “purge” or “PVP” conditions, but just by random disappearance of your items that should be safe in the “shelter” that you made for it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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