Placed items disappearing randomly?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

I logged in this morning to my character and noticed my Tannery and 2 chests were gone. I am not too bummed about the chests as I just made this base but the Tannery had quite a bit of tar so I could make a well and some steel today.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: game
2.log out
3.log in
4.still playing beta?

Same thing happened to me this morning, I lost a lesser wheel of pain, a shellfish trap and 2 place-able Torches. the only thing I’m sore about is the wheel of pain I had a thrall breaking on it and it’s a lot of resources to replace. This happened on PvE-C server #3515

Another player also killed one of my Thralls, An Archer III. I’ve heard from other players that thralls can be killed in PvE. So I placed them inside my building for protection, I think the other player might of shot arrows through a window to kill her.

He had better watch his back during pvp hours :rage:

Mine was on a PvE server #3734 so it wasn’t a player.

I can confirm. This has happened to me many times playing single player, twice in the last two days.

Yesterday when I loaded up the game, my imroved tannery along with the thrall and everything in it, 4 planters, and 3 compost heaps were completely gone, and my improved firebowl cauldron along with a chest that was beside it was sitting as a loot bag on the floor.

Today it was just my 4 planters again, two of which were loot bags on the ground.

No idea what’s going on but damn this is annoying!