Items in inventory vanish and are reported as a loot bad decay

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: [PvE
Region: North America (US)
Mods?: Yes
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Items in Inventory which do not have decay timers disappear and are reported as a loot bag decay. This has happened on multiple occasions.

Installed Mods:

Pippi - 880454836
Fashionist - 1159180273
Savage Steel - 1367404881
Savage Steel v2 - 1598693222
Emberlight - 1369802940
Age of Calamitous - 1113901982
LBPR Additional features - 1444947329
Less Building Placement Restrictions - 1369743238
Hosav’s Custom UI - 1797359985


Steps to Reproduce:

Can not reproduce, events are random and at various times, with no apparent relationship between the items. Items have been both vanilla and mod related.

I have never run across that before but I do not use some of those mods so I cannot say if it is related to one of them or not.

This might not be your issue tho, but I had kind of a funny thing happening. :joy:

I once thought I had a bug like that, but what actually happened was, I hit the space key by accident while browsing the inventory, which made me drop the first or currently selected item.
When I wondered where it went, I checked the event log and found it had decayed.
I eventually noticed what I was doing since most of the time it was the heaviest (first) item in my inventory that decayed.

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I do not think that is the case all the time. In single player I have tried to drag items from inventory to a crafting station and had them disappear as I was moving them. Apparently it thought I let go of the mouse button while transferring items. The item if let go in between inventories will normally drop a bag and if you don’t notice it decays and is lost. In many cases (about 50% of the time) the item does not make a dropped item bag and is lost permanently. I have even had items double clicked for transfer do this. You do not have to necessarily have the item in the space between inventories for it to be dropped and vanish. I have removed all mods and started a whole new game multiple times and it still occurs.

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I’ve certainly done both of the things that @Vys and @TonboSP suggest - accidental drops by both methods. I would say I’ve never actually had the item fail to make a loot bag except I had exactly that happen yesterday. I was rushing transferring something and I’m pretty sure I released the mouse button just at the edge of the receiving inventory rather than getting it all the way in. That one vanished. But it is the only time I’ve noticed it happen.

As to the mods - I’ve used all those listed by @Bourbon in the OP (except Savage Steel 2 - but I can’t see why that would be significantly different from Savage Steel) and none of them seem to have given me this problem. I wouldn’t say that eliminates them completely, it’s probably worth giving it a try without them installed to see if it seems to be happening or not (always really hard with an intermittent problem). If you don’t want to lose your existing game (entirely understandable) - maybe it’s worth trying an unmodded singleplayer just for a bit to see if you can get the problem to continue. (Though the fact that it continues for TonboSP suggests this probably wouldn’t be a solution…)

Possibly it’s worth examining system specs and seeing if we can find anything that the two of you have in common - windows version? Or a particular piece of hardware? That might hint towards something that the game isn’t correctly interacting with.

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