Random items dropping from inventory

So all of a sudden whenever i drop something from my inventory and look in the bag on the ground its completely different i drop seeds i lose an axe etc so risk losing important items. Also trying to transfer things in this case to the dismantling bench they auto go back to inventory? Tried logging out and back in no change and restarting game no change.

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Also now cant equip anything just moves then goes back to inventory! game is unplayable right now like this

I can’t say for sure, but a lot of others who have reported similar problems have found that setting your inventory and the destination inventory to ‘No Sort’ can fix the problems. (Basically, set all inventories and chests etc to No Sort and it should (hopefully) solve it.) Of course, this means not being able to sort your inventory by any other method. No word on when or even if these issues will ever be fixed.

First time having the issue tbh but ill try that and see if it fixes it thanks. Between that and the falling through floors makes me wonder if i was right coming back after taking a break ha.

Looks like a feature. Who doesn’t like a surprise when they look in the bag, eventhough the bag is on the floor and your loosing your items. :joy:

You can still sort your inventory, with this workaround.
Just put it back to no sorting before trying to move items, and you shouldn’t lose anything.

I have almost similar problems:
some boxes appear empty but if you mouse over them there are items

I’m going to guess that you’re playing single player.
Or are a server admin.

If you got an item marked “DEV_ITEM_ONLY” any other way, then file a bug report.

But if you did spawn in that Item, delete it. And be more careful with the Admin Panel.

Mods can also do this, if it’s from a mod, find which mod and unsub as soon as you can.
Mods that cause this error corrupt the game.db

Hi @droch-aon,
Official PVE 1051
the item on restarting the server disappeared

A Dev item on an official server?

You defiantly want to file a bug report.

Objectively I would have liked to do it, but I am tired of making posts for bugs, if they are already made by other players I can contribute and leave my testimony, experience.
Having to make a post from scratch I don’t have the desire anymore.
The DEV item bug is not the first time it happens to me on the PVE-1051 server, other items mysteriously appear invisible in random locations in the inventory. In all that I remember it happened three times, they are not visible and neither usable

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I have checked now, it is still there, I will provide a report

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