I've noticed a graphic issue with the medium Khitan armor



I’ve noticed this before but I never mentioned it because it’s more annoying than game-breaking and I could never be bothered to make sure it wasn’t due to one of the mods I was using for some reason, but since I’m still seeing it in the testlive build with no mods on it I figured I’d bring it up.

So when I equip the medium Khitan armor, I get this really visible gap between the head/neck and torso textures:

That wouldn’t really be a big deal, except that if I go into a combat stance that exposed collarbone area actually detaches and floats in front of the armor:

And then behind that there’s just the neck floating above an empty void. I’ve seen this both in multiplayer and singleplayer, if that matters. I don’t know whether male exiles equipped with this armor get the same issue.

Has anyone else noticed this? I haven’t seen anyone reporting it, but knowing me I may have just missed a 300-post thread about it.


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