Jack Always Comes Back 2019

Come kill Jack with us!

The insidious Jack of the Lantern has once again set his sights on the heart of the world tree, thirsting for its Anima and to claim its power as his own. Not without its defense mechanisms, Agartha has isolated the threat and now it’s up to you to rally together and take Jack head-on!

Every hour, a portal near the center of Agartha opens, leading you and fellow agents deep in the tree’s branches where Jack has been captured. In this 40-person raid, combat statistics are normalized through the Equal Footing effect, so anyone can hop in and contribute! The only prerequisite is to have reached Jack Boone in the main story.

When you defeat Jack, you are empowered with an Anima Surge, allowing you to open a Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern obtained from your daily event login rewards.

Where are those peeps you were talking about?!

Portal is on the left side, just before you enter the Hollowed Halls, in Agartha. Every hour.

All I see are a bunch of freeeeaks. No peeps.

I’m to broke in-game to be a freak, but I am saving up. lol