Public raids closed?

Are those ever open anymore? I started the game just 2 months ago and I have yet to be able to go through that portal. Is it a gear level thing?

Not entirely sure what your referring to here. Is the portal opening and you are unable to enter or are you not seeing the portal open period. If it’s the later then I’ll assume your in the wrong location (is not the deep Agartha portal) would be he one off to the right after exiting the tree. Too my knowledge there’s not a level requirement and after 2 months that should be the issue.

It’s not open ever.

I use the ‘public raid’ platform… is it the wrong one?

The public raid portal accessed via jump pad is used to summon World Bosses. That means it’s only active if someone has used their summoning ritual. Anyone is able to enter, but it’s limited to 40 players, and it can be hard to get a spot during popular times.

During the Samhain event, there is also the public raid portal to the seasonal boss, Jack. That is found on the main mallgartha platform, to the right of the jump pads (it’s decorated with halloween stuff). That portal opens at 2 mins past the hour, every hour. There’s no need to group, you just run in. The event raid has no level requirement, as long as you’ve been to Jack Boone (the guy by agartha in kingsmouth,) you can enter, and will be given the equal footing buff, which buffs you up so you’ll do decent damage.

Oh ok thank you, then I assume that nobody is doing the ritual when I am there.

If you see someone in general chat saying something along the lines of “Summoning Essence of Bunica Padurii 1/6, meet up!” then that means that they’re about to do world bosses.
It’s pretty common to do them in batches because it uses up lair keys to open the loot chest they drop. You’ll need to meetup on the person advertising it, as there are different instances of agartha, and if you’re in the wrong one, you won’t have the option of entering the portal.