30 Second warning in Public Raids is too short to actually rejoin the fight

I was just in a public raid, and had to take care of something IRL real quick, so I just waited a bit on the platform. Then I see: “You have 30 seconds to rejoin the fight or you will be teleported away”. Ok, no biggie… except… It takes more than 30 seconds to run back to the fight!! Worse yet, I get locked out of doing more raids for 5 minutes and end up missing not just one but two summons because of this garbage.

Seriously, what the hell? What good is a 30 second warning to get back into the fight if it’s not possible to get back into the fight in 30 seconds?!

You have more than 30 seconds to get back in. The warning are just a final notice.

And it does not take 30 seconds to run down that branch.

Yea, but what good is the warning if by the time you see the warning there is no possible way to run along the entire branch and get back to the fight?

Are you walking down the branch? Even at Sprint I you can easily make that in 30 seconds.

I had spint on and barely just made it to the swirly thing when 30 seconds was up.

Im with Aeryl here, it doesnt take 30sec. How ever the 30sec warning hangs around a bit. Better indicator is when the next warning show at 20sec… Which is also enough to make it back on a decent sprint.

Really your take away should be not to enter unless you are ready to go. You might even get back before the portal closes

If people are summoning you can’t exactly tell them to stop and wait for you when you have to go to the bathroom.

I don’t have the fully upgraded sprint, because it’s very expensive, but even with that I’d have barely made it down to the platform, I doubt I’d have gotten to the boss and gotten some hits in all within 30 seconds.

Then you wait for the next one. Instead of losing two, you lose one. That aside there might be someone else who didnt get in, who was ready to fight, if not the portal would of still been open when you got back

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Assuming it takes 30 seconds for the timer to start and another 30 seconds for it to count down that’s one minute your not participating in what is usually a 3 minute fight. It’s happened to me before too but I can’t complain if I wasn’t present for one third of the fight.


I believe the AFK timer is set to around 2 mins, this was to stop peple just entering the portal and waiting for the fight to be over to get free loot and thus stopping someone who actually wanted to participate in the fight from entering the zone.