This one is simple

30 second timer to pickup, for structures we place down. Structures aren’t cheap at Tier 3. The structure placing in the wrong place due to a lag spike, etc., is frustrating when your only option is to destroy the structure piece. And we are getting a lot of lag on #1942.


That’s something that I’d personally also like. I have such a trigger finger when placing everything down!
Implementing isn’t up to me, of course, but noted down the suggestion to devs for consideration. :slight_smile:


Nothing beats the random wall facing backwards for no reason at all…



There are pvp ramifications to consider.

People could easily and freely replace doorways with walls/fence foundation when they’re fearing being raided and/or offline, then later pick them back up and replace the doorways. A cost needs to be associated with doing that IMO. Letting people freely pick things up makes it no-cost.

You did see the OP said a 30 second “timer” so it would have to be done in that window.\

And as for the door thing, you do realize one can remove the door, and upgrade to a wall as needed, and vice versa right?

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You are aware doing so requires you to destroy the doorframe and then the wall after incurring a cost, like I said, right?

edit addition
Scenario: raid time starts at 6pm. I go thru my 20 doorframes and replace them with fence foundations. You come to raid me, blow some of them up, decide it’s lame, leave. Raid time ends at midnight, I pick up the remaining fence foundations, put the doorframes & doors back, and go about my business.

Is it a huge deal? Nope, but something to be considered.

There are more than 30 seconds between 6 pm and midnight.


I know really, there are at least 31…


My fault! I read it as > 30 seconds, not <


Ark and Atlas both have a 30 second timer when you place a structure down. Like Conan, the structure doesn’t always place where you want it to. So they made it such that when you place an object down, you have 30 seconds to pick it back up. After 30 seconds, it can no longer be picked up. In addition, if it takes damage in that 30 seconds, it can no longer be picked up. This avoids exploiting PvP issues, where a person might keep placing a wall down, it takes damage, they pick it up, then place it back down…to use it as a shield for something behind it. He would place it down, it takes damage, so he tries to pick it up but he can’t because it took damage. Also, there is a cool down of 3 minutes to repair, if something takes damage, so you can’t even repair it quickly, then pick it up.

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