PVP and RAID hours

I love what you did with Conan and how you improved everything, but you should notify users of the raid time change with a clear message! We got ready for the raid, we collected the avatar and many other things, we established strategies and what ?! It turned out that the avatar didn’t work at 5 pm! because you changed the hours of the rally to 18 without any warning! and the whole raid strategy was gone F **** We lost a lot of our time because of your idleness! I played Conan for over 3,000 hours and on PS and XBOX, I wanted to keep playing on your new DLC, but what you did here is a mockery, I will not buy anything more from you! I greet and say goodbye.

Greetings @YodaGDA,

We regret to hear that your experience wasn’t ideal. We’ll forward your feedback and suggestion to our team. Regarding the raid hours, you can check on the settings menu and then choosing the server settings tab. There you’ll see all the information of the server you’re playing, raid hours, ratings and more.

Please let us know if you have any further comments to share about our Lands.

haha, I know that! But I would never have expected the hours to be changed without any warning!

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That was really unfortunate, better to always check before going to battle.

Your suggestion for the message broadcast was already sent to the team and they will evaluate it.

Thanks for your support. :slight_smile:

Basically a warning when one logs into server would have helped. I mean I know raid officials are the red headed step child of Conan, but we still play the game and don’t want to have to check settings every time we log in. Just add a popup if you change something.like the hours or decay, etc. Be surprised how organized some are when setting up a raid, and the timing can be crucial for surprise attacks on Aphas or “Allies”.

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I am very pleased that you thank you for your support and we lost everything because of your recklessness and many hours of work, thank you again.

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