Raiding on official servers

so let me tell yall about my day on conan starting around 4pm gmt. 1 we crafted a avatar for raiding today about 7pm we go and raid large base, this is when we find out we cannot use avatars so. 2 we use the bombs we have to bust open what we can just to find out that owners have hidden loot inside foundations or walled off loot not ok at all. so since that happen we decided to build a treb no problem at all for sure we start crafting not realizing it take a hour to build total time, so were like damn ok fine by 9pm our time we can raid, owners get on proceed to one shot it with another treb they already had built. so all said and done 2 days prepping to raid all screwed to no avatars on a official server and simple bs stuff about building time and health on items. due to this issue my clan of 5 ppl have decided to just not play because whats the point crafting bombs takes to many resources, and raiding old fashion way with trebs is obviously to long of a time to do anything on especially online since they can destroying it super quick. I played 300 hours on conan to learn this. ill keep informed best I can but u guys have lost 5 ppl today due to stupid stuff yall could fix long time ago. well come back once yall fix these issue but what I stated is a super game breaking issue.

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