EASY RAID. Raid time needs to be turned off! PVP FOR LIFE! RAID FOR LIFE!

See 18 minutes, when we climbed, we waited for the raid time to launch an attack. LEGENDARY RIDE IN CONANA HISTORY! ASSASIN CONANS!
Here is my example of how we easily hacked into a huge base. They have 200+ slaves to protect and many animals. And there are many such bases. Return Mayhem! Raid time is PVE mechanics !! Slaves and animals must always attack!

First thing this film profe is that you have to ad triangel walls whit spikes so they cant climb in like that! And make so the outer walls loade first so you cant se whats inside! Make it so thralls and pets atack but cant be (permanent) killed. atleast during pve time. So they cant be farmed to easy. And more penalty for encumber! And that lootbaggs will stay longer, atleast a day or 2 so they just not disepare,

I agree that a Mayhame server is needed for the more hardcore players. Even that its not my way to play. The server whit no limit on clanmember to.

So big base but not a singel inside doore, all open for grabing. What a bad build. So big plase and evertything is put in one smal plase, hehe.

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