They blocked my last post Guess they dont want you to see!



Toxic Game no point in wasting my life on this any more!

After complete wipe I’ve come to the realization that this game is a huge waste of time. On this last raid they wiped out 40 plus hours of gameplay easily. And I can’t even get a server server notification of who did it. I can’t even get a server notification of when Raid time has officially started or ended

It’s too easy to erase somebody’s hard work. Especially when it takes days to train thralls, the T4 walls are to week. They need 3 times the Hp, and the Decay system needs work…

There is no way. To defind myself, or protect my assets. And that is tge real issue with the game… I have had weeks of time stolen from me.

Good Bye

quittingConan part one

quitting Conan part two


I am sad to see you leave, that you’re frustrated and that you feel the game is not for you but I also hope that you find what you are are looking for in whatever game you choose to play next.

Just know that we are constantly working on improving the game and we are listening and taking the community’s feedback into close consideration. I am however, closing this particular post since if you don’t like the core mechanics/game or let us know what kind of specific improvements you are looking for besides completely changing the game, there is nothing really we can do to help you.

You are very welcome to share your ideas and suggestions on how to improve the areas you don’t like in a separate constructive suggestion thread, though. :slight_smile: