Japanese transcription became invalid in an overseas edition

I’m playing by Conan UK edition of exiles. I’m Japanese. An overseas edition corresponded to Japanese in July. Japanese showed that you can play, so UK edition was bought right away. But Japanese correspondence is released by 1.19 patch, and I have returned to English. I was thinking by the premise idle by Japanese transcription from the beginning, so 1.19 is an upgrade suddenly and it’s unreasonable to return to English transcription. When finding out that it was so, UK edition wasn’t bought from the beginning. In would be happy to buy it because it was Japanese transcription, just as it is, then you can’t play satisfactorily.

Would whether it’s that I’ll plan to return to correspondence of Japanese transcription from now on or that it isn’t reply?
Play of UK edition can’t help be given up by that. Besides there is also Mr. Japanese user who thinks regrettably surely. Also generous support for UK plate and the Japanese who bought US edition, please.

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