Jhebbal is displeased with me?


I got strange decay messages for one of my three Groves (“Hain”) of Jhebbal Sag and my Retreat (“Zuflucht”) of Jhebbal Sag. All of them are placed on foundations on a connected structure (maybe they have a tiny bit of contact to the ground). The structure itself is far from abandoned state.

Amazing: The Grove returns to “normal” state from “abandoned” state at 2020.05.26-21.44.27 with the immediate warning that it will be abandoned again at 2020.05.24-16.15.28 -

that is one and a half day earlier!!!


So what happens? Are the gods displeased with me?
Maybe it wasn´t a good idea to copy all the maths homework inbetween lessons?
Anyone got a clue?

Many moons ago when I played on officials, I had all altars in my base all on connected foundations. One day after many months of being there, my yog pit decayed just like that. Do you use the altar regularly (access its inventory)?

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No, it is there for quite some time now… maybe I will have to go and wipe some of the dust off of it?

Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t have any better explanation :woman_shrugging:

Thank you for the links @Narelle! I build those altars quite a long time ago and didn´t use them for a long time. I am only buffled that the decay on them is so irregular. Sad to hear yours decayed entirely. That sounds frightening! This can be a great loss because there can also be a lot of zeals in it! :scream:

By the way what is our guess? This bug is still alive?

This eventlog entry is announcing something to happen prior to the date of the entry.
Maybe this does not only happen to altars but also to other placeables?
A timelapse:


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