Journey Step: Can you fix it?

Some Journey dont work properly. I cant complete them what it has to do with thralls.

  • Obtain an animal companion
  • Obtain a mount
  • Command a follower

I found a book with a hand but i cant read it, is it a bug or not?
(why is sea water drinkable?)

Please fix the underwater vaults, i cant see anything down there.

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It looks that those Journey steps are bugged for servers only. I’ve made them without any diffisulties in my single-play.

I have a private (no mods) server.

I was able to complete the OBTAIN AN ANIMAL COMPANION journey step.

I will have to check to see if I completed COMMAND A FOLLOWER.

I have not picked up a foal yet so I will have to test the OBTAIN A MOUNT.

“Obtain an animal companion” and “obtain a mount” work fine on both my test (no mods) and live (with mods) servers. BUT “command a follower” does not work on either of the two servers for me. I can only complete this step in single player but not on a server.

This is a confirmed bug. It will be fixed.

For this, we will need the exact location. (alt+shift+L)

This issue is related to the below. Keep an eye on the patch notes and this post:

Also, have you tried crouching?

Narelle the book location: TeleportPlayer 273595.9375 -130402.296875 -22421.220703

TheLOLxd2 the book is under water.


i got this problem with journey step too , in single player mod

same issue for everyone on my server, been having a lot of fun progressing hope this gets fixed soon

Same for me Journey steps not completing

I submitted a bug to Funcom regarding journey steps. I have been able to complete all of the ones (except “Command a Follower” so far). Other people on the server have others that won’t complete.

dealing with the same issue, though only on the Obtain A Pet quest, everyone on my server is unable to complete it either so hopefully there’ll be a fix for it soon in a patch, I really like the quest system, very intuitive for a newbie like myself

nothing changes till now. Both of my journey steps are still there…even if i have some pets to ride on or some pets to follow me :frowning:

Also stuck on Command a Follower and Lure an enemy into a trap.

I can’t get the obtain an animal companion step, yet I’m somewhat of a Dr. Dolittle when it comes to number of pets.

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