Obtain Mount and/or Animal Companion bug

I’ve leveled up to 60, tamed at least 20 pets and another 5-10 mounts but those two Journal Entries never gets completed. Help!

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That new “crocodile type” forgot the name.

What server are you playing on? Are you using any mods?

official :slight_smile:

will try that, but mount?

hmm not sure maybe warthorn one?

Thanks for confirming. I was asking because these journey steps completed just fine on 2 private servers for me by placing a horse so they do work but maybe not consistently.

Hmm. I got the Animal Companion step in Singleplayer for a Feral Dog. Given @NORfem’s point about trying the Crested Lacerta, and @Narelle’s point about it seeming to be inconsistent - I wonder if the species could be making a difference? (Or of course it could just be one of those bugs that doesn’t happen so long as the sun is in the east, you just walked through a doorway and your character has redhair (or whatever, more reasonable actual set of circumstances might apply…))

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