Journey steps not completing

pet/mount journey steps not completing, despite having pets/mounts

I´m having the same issue. My journey steps “get a pet” and “get a mount” are still there, although i have 2 mounts and several pets. My partner already completed these steps and got the same amount as I do.

Private server with no mods installed

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Did you place the pets yourself? Or did one of your clan mates?

I can’t remember exactly, but either taking the pet out of the pen, or placing it in the world is what triggers the journey step.

caught, raised and placed myself

Have you tried placing any pets besides the rhino?

currently have a horse, rhino, bearer, alligator, small turtle, aardwolf, wolf, and had a lynx (RIP). the tuskbeast in the picture died, and got replaced by a greater tuskbeast

Same with me. All pets and mounts are raised and placed by myself. My partner and I do not have a clan together

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