Journey Step (STUCK) Cannot complete

On the Journey Beastmaster, I reach the step to feed your pet, I have tried with multiple pets and cannot get the step to complete. The instructions say. "While looking at your follower hold E and select inventory to view their inventory. I have done this multiple times with multiple pets even after restarting the game and it is not working for me.

Solo game.


Thank you for pointing this out.

I’ve passed this information over to the rest of the team for further investigation.


Not alone.

I am having the same issue in the server app.


If you feed them a food item that is not in their suggested foods the step completes


Thanks that did work!

Actually, it does work with suggested food, but you need to click “use” when selecting the food, then it updates.

I guess it isn’t a bug after all, but could definitely be improved by having it update once a pet eats food on its own from their inventory.

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It doesn’t work if you place the food in their inventory because they will automatically eat it and then you have to wait for them to level up or take damage so you can force feed them.

I implemented this method after seeing it on the forums and the step finally completed.

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