Journey Steps and more


I play Conan Exiles on a PC and I noticed a lot of weird things happening everywhere.

Journey steps
I have completed a few steps for a few journeys by now. But since the latest patch - and I mean the fix they made after the big update, journeys are sending me to start over. Discover black galleon (I did it already a few days ago, but its marked as not done), access or place a thaumaturgy bench - I built one, opened it, still says the same.

Another thing that bugs me is the fact we must have the journey active for it to track our actions, wich seems stupid. Except a few individual topics, most don’t follow our actions in real time and we need to stop, change the journey before we do something so that action is indeed tracked and noted.

This seems ludicrous. The feat to recover stamina faster is now pretty much useless because its default to recover insanelly fast and abnormal.

Colision blocks
OK this is a nag, seriously. I use katanas mostly. First attack now fails to hit my target, even if it is in front of me! How come? We’re at the same height, plain horizontal and straight. Most of my first attacks fail to hit the target somehow. This didn’t happen before the update.

Lastly, the auto run. When walking, it works ok. But mounted, please fix it. Using an xbox controller on my PC, this is crazy. I start to auto run, I nudge the movement stick, it stops. I read this bug is going on for quite some time now.

So I didn’t yet submitted these as bug reports because they were already reported by someone else for sure. I just wanted to share this and have some feedback as if do you thing is needed to submit these after all.


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