Suggestion: The Exiled Lands journey steps could use an update

The Journey Steps in this game have led to some of the most memorable experiences I’ve had on Conan Exiles, but it often feels weighed down with mundane things that you only use once to complete the journey step and then forget about. You also have several new dungeons that aren’t even mentioned in the journey steps that could use some love. My suggestion is to update the journey steps by removing some fluff and adding more journey. Some fluff includes: get drunk, fish, plant seeds, set a trap, use every single weapon type to get a status effect, get a boss creature’s head, use warpaint, capture a named thrall, and fire a trebuchet.

Edit: Regardless of whether or not you agree with removing the fluff, I still think it could use an update to include the new dungeons, and possibly change the journey steps so they are all readable because they are often accidentally completed out of order.


It seems to me that those mundane things that you only use once are for getting new players to learn how the game works and to bring their attention to features that they might not realize are there. That’s my experience with them anyway. I don’t think they should be removed, but they could be expanded on. For instance, I had no clue that you could put plants in the dryer to get their seeds. It isn’t a journey step so I would still have no clue about it without stumbling upon another player who happened to mention it.

I’d say add more “mundane” things lol


I only discovered this last week…

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I learned about it only a couple weeks ago after 1000 hours of play time lol. I also didn’t know about the special fish traps and special fish until a few weeks ago either.

Who knows what other secrets the game has hidden away?

I actually started trying to dry anything and everything… fyi, drying a carpenter’s bench does nothing.


Whether expanded or culled, it’s 3 years out of date from the current game and needs an update imo :slight_smile:

I dont think not including new journey steps makes it “out of date” unless there was a step that was no longer functioning when it used to… even the mummy of the ring step has hope alive for some of us to eventually be completable. I can understand when people want that one replaced since there’s been no movement on it (to date…) but some day… some day…

One thing I wouldn’t mind seeing with a Journey Step overhaul is the removal of levels. Replace earning Feat/Attribute point gain with Journey Steps. Then tie the tiers of stone to iron to steel etc, to completed chapters in the journey steps.

I like most of Journey steps, gives me something to do… I also have a 2nd account I use restart alot.

And most of new dungeons, should be found. I think its more fun.

Few of them have clues as is. Or are in area your likely to find it.

I guess since they’ve buff hell out of Exp gains, so everyone can bum rush max level in under a day. Alot of Steps feel useless. As someone who plays on 10%-30% Gains, the steps help even it out.

I’d love for them to extend menu abit, So there can be more each tier. Or Even add a lv60 Journey Steps page with Dungeons and Boss feats.
Way to unlock outfits or boss heads to hang in the home.

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At this point the only part of the Journey Steps which I feel need to be updated is getting the Mummy of the Ring finished and implemented into the game. Otherwise I have found them to be a very enjoyable process.


Personally, I’d just wish that they weren’t all blocked from viewing out-of-hand. I like to read the things they’ve written for the game but I’ve never been able to read like 90% of the pre-completion descriptions and in order to do something like that you need to do some bizarre sequence that’s wholly out of whack with a bunch of stuff one would do normally upon starting a new game.


seeds + plant fibre + leavening agent in a furnace :wink:
(took me over 2k hours before I found out about that one lol)

Well now I want dried workstations in powder form - just add water :smiley:

Well - that and the religious steps - and I think you know exactly what I mean :wink:

As someone that tried proofreading them not so long ago, I can wholeheartedly agree. I eventually gave up around chapter 7 because it became clear the only way to do it is with pure admin commands from start to finish.


Absolutely this. I always complete them out of order (not on purpose) and I’m so bummed I don’t get the flavor text of what it was about.


I could be mistaken, but I’m sure I completed this by spawning from admin panel and defeating.

But either way, should not need admin panel to complete journey steps.

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I tried that and it didn’t work for me. I’d love to see that one removed if they’re not going to add the mummy.

As for OP, I wouldn’t mind the steps being updated.


@St.Michael and @everybodyvsME (welcome back by the way!) It is indeed possible to spawn in and kill the Mummy of the Ring, at least with Admin Panel access anyway, as I did so on a ‘guest’ ps4 account. If either of you wish to so so the code is Wildlife_Storyboss. However, I do offer the following :warning: Caution: He feels VERY weak and is clearly unfinished in his current state. He only has less than 1500 health (less than the average T4 human fighter), and only the most rudimentary 1 hit sword strikes. He cannot do combos, and currently has no unique powers or special attacks. So it will be a very disappointing showdown. However, killing him will log the Journey Step as completed, and give you his artifact the Essence of the Serpent Ring. However, it cannot currently be used to craft the Keystone as it should. My honest advice? As frustrating as it may be, you’re better holding off waiting. In his current state it will prove very anti-climatic.

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The Dane Cook of bosses.

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