Just a few ideas

I know some of these things have been mentioned before.

Parry/counter system: Conan needs it. The only real ways to avoid some damage is to dodge or block with a shield. I’ve been waiting for the moment we can block or counter with daggers and one-handed weapons.

Pools & tubs: would be a nice addition. They could add a cleansing or soothing buff. Maybe cleanse corruption.

Sorcery: It’s great, I hate the drawback of being 50% corrupted. It can be fun until you run out of stamina. No stamina is nearly certain death. Having to babysit health and stam is ruff. The risk don’t really out way the rewards.

Sorcery needs more spells. Need healing, need projectiles, need a ward or spell shield, need water breathing, need to cycle through spells way faster.

Agility and Stamina: Well they aren’t…sadly. They don’t make you faster. They don’t make you that much more agile or acrobatic. However they should. This needs a change. They drawback should be obviously dealing less damage. But your quick, and nimble, and acrobatic. Hello to all the ninja builds.

Carriages/Canoe: It would be so nice to craft a functioning one that could hold a thrall/player or two. 10-20 slots of inventory would be a dream. Would make moving and transporting so much easier.

Player creation: Please update more options for face, hair, skinny, fat, physique/proportions. Piercings, and jewelry would be a welcome addition. Could even become apart of armor. Capes and cloaks <–I need em.

Currency: Needs to be more viable. Needs to be more of a demand. There’s not that many trade/buying options. Nothing to really spend gold and silver on.

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