Just a fun discussion about Disciples of Zar Lore and theory

This is just a fun thing I recently discovered. I’m not fully diverse in Lovecraftian lore, though what little I do no is fascinating. Not sure if any of it is true but considering Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft were good friends who shared lore, it’s possible. In a couple other threads I made, I mentioned I named my clan, Disciples of Zar, after bundle pack of the same name. The armor has lore specific to the Disciples, mentioning Zar as a demon.

Outside the armor [Info], there’s nothing about Zar. Well, I’m now wondering if Zar (like Derketo and Derketa) is just another spelling of Zhar just regional spelling. Zhar is the twin of Lloigor, who has figurine on Siptah. Also, supposedly, according to H.P. Lovecraft lore, the Tcho-Tcho worship Zhar, and the Tcho-Tcho can be “pets”. In Lovecraftian lore, Zhar and Lloigor are huge masses of tentacles, but Lloigor (and I assume Zhar, as there’s two) when summoned from the Pools, appears as a dragon. So, I don’t know what,if anything, this means, but yeah.

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