Just a little poll

Just the other day I was informed not to use mods in testlive . So how many of you use your mods ?

I like using Fashionista for TestLive.
If I crash, I want to crash with style.


Testlive is updated with resources not available in the dev kit. Dev kit files are synced up with the live version of the game, not testlive. If you choose to use mods on testlive, that’s your risk to make, but also nullifies any bug report you make from testlive as well.

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Thanks guy’s I started a new game with out mods and its a @#$%& getting throw it with out them.

Just use the live version if you want to use mods. Currently there is very little difference between testlive and live (if anything different at all). Testlive isn’t meant for constant play, Funcom has used testlive to test unstable patches before to test specific functionality.

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