Just brought the year 1 dlc bundle can't download it why?

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Region: [USA]

So I know I am late on this. I am noob. Hello!! but I do love this game but now I’m starting to get frustrated. I just bought the year 1 dlc bundle season pass. (I know i am super late on that) I have looked through the fourms already.
I restored the license.
I’m already in the process of re downloading the game again.
But when I go to download them individually it says purchased but it will not let me download them.
I’ve already tried to download it from my PlayStation and it won’t let me download.
I have tried to download it by browser and it still won’t let me download it.
It just says purchase and that’s it.
How do I download it? And if I can’t download it how do I get my money back?

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You are not the first to have the problem. There’s a way to get the download installed. How ever I do not recall solution. I am sure you will find some one knowledgeable reach out good luck.

Does the dlc show up in game and can you use it in game like craft armor ,weapons etc. from the dlc? If you can start up single player use the admin panel see if it lets you spawn the items in if it doesn’t let you spawn the dlc items you purchased might have to contact Sony or Funcom they will help you.

Okay. I tried that and it worked. I am seeing all the dlc stuff. I can even the learn the feats for it too. Idk why that was such a process because I bought it and normally you would download it right afterwards but every single time I clicked on download. it would just turn to a quick black screen and then back out so that confuse me. Plus all the forums were scaring the crap out me. Lol. Thanks.

Knew some one could help. I think what happened is it downloads when released and your purchases just open it up for use that is how single dlc works. Have fun out there.

they are already in game. Once you purchase it you unlock it, so no need to download anything

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