Just For Laughs! Humorous Moments From Conan Exiles

Wow this is REALLY a belated reply. My apologies to you Oduda. What can I say, it was a good whack. :wink:Although perhaps not as good as @Smoketreader effort above. That was really something else.

Here is another one I captured recently. Has anyone else run afoul of this ‘charming’ archer found adjacent to Shamalla the pirate queen?

Spitting cook_1

Goodnes this individual must have a sore, dry throat spitting as much as they do.

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What can you see in the tavern!

Judging by the expression on the man’s face in the center, he doesn’t like the developments to his left. Or, the second option, he was tired of waiting for events to develop on his left.
However, it is possible that he just has a stomach ache.


Perhaps the Tavern is in their hearts, and is a discovery of wisdom. :laughing:

Oh definately Teng, he he is not a happy camper and his face exudes disgruntled.

Though the brunette in the back however seems content to ‘go with it’ and get back to nature. Nice one @Teng!

Keep those humorous moments coming members!


She is a Stygian dancer who is known for her extremely promiscuous sexual behavior. I taught her an oriental dance from the ‘Immersive Emotes’ mod, and she began to pester the always drunk Darfari lamplighter woman. She complained to me, and I transferred her to another branch, and put a Stygian in her place. The man is also very skeptical about the harassment of his compatriot, as can be judged from the pictures:


Conan went somewhere…

He probably went looking for female dancers…


LOL! this is epic!

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  • Someone! Tell this incompetent woman that she is ruining the sword, that it is necessary not to hit the anvil with the sword, but to hit the sword with a hammer!

In general, since the Cimmerians betrayed Crom and began to look at Ymir, they have greatly degraded…


When something suddenly went wrong…

About a year ago it was “normal” to kick a player off the server during a fight. I’ve found that when thralls kill someone, they get stuck.

Like a couple of hyenas.

once upon a time at our old base in the highlands, we wanted to have a wolf roast

I got photo bombed taking a shot of whatever that is.

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It’s Noah’s Ark. The bird is waiting for the ticket booth to open to get in.