K.I.S.S. Keep.It.Simple PVE-C NeverWipe

Server IP:

Hello, everyone! We are looking for players to join us on our server: K.I.S.S. Keep.It.Simple PVE-C NeverWipe

Seeking a private server environment but tired of crazy admins wiping away all your hard work every other month? We promise to NEVER WIPE away your progress or your structures.

PVE-Conflict rules mean that Open-World PvP is still a thing, but your base is always a safe haven. Server Extras:

  1. 2X experience
  2. Admin support


  1. No cheating of any sort
  2. No malicious construction (including blocking off key resources and points of interest, preventing other players access to their constructions, or preventing the spawning of bosses
  3. No foundation spam (or other constructions) for the purpose of sprawling land claim
  4. Large bases are allowed and encouraged within reason (i.e. you cannot create “one” base that covers entire grids of the world map)
  5. PVP is encouraged at all times
  6. Clans can have multiple bases in different locations within reason (if there is a concern, then admin will notify the clan in question)

Server Info (time zone PST):

  1. IP address:
  2. Server capacity: Currently set at 50 but will monitor performance
  3. Max clan size: 10
  4. No wipes
  5. All regions allowed
  6. 2X experience

If we get enough population then we will look at having an arena where public events will be held for rewards and prizes!

Updated Discord link to never expire. Sorry for any confusion.

With the growing population, we have added map rooms next by every obelisk