Kambujan Armor Repair - Does not work

I tried repairing my Kambujan Shaman Helm and Kambujan Shaman Wrap. Both items show the spinning wheel but never finish repairing. I even left the game and logged in a few hours later and it still shows as being repaired, which makes them both useless right now.

Build a new set when the old is trashed. It’s super cheap to make anyway. I think the issue lies with the fact that it only takes medium linings to make the whole set, plus the 10 horns for the helm. There will probably be more components added for the base armor build at a later time.

After the official server restart this morning, the armor is back to normal. I have not tried repairing again yet.

I did notice that for the regular light wrap that when I repair it the wrap is repaired, but it still shows repair as an option when I check the armor even though it is fully repaired.

Just learned about this bug the hard way :frowning:

This bug isn’t fixed, the same has just happened to me on PS4… :sob:

On the upside, that armor is really easy to make. The only item that takes some real gathering is the HORN component.

That’s strange. I’ve been rockin’ that blood-red horned bad-boy for two days now and I have to repair almost twice daily due to having used the reduction kit. I’ve never had a problem. Official PVP Server.

After update 33 I had issues with repairing the Kambujan armor on Official Servers. I have not yet tried repairing the armor since the launch date. I will try later today.

The issue is still there. My Kambujan set is stuck repairing. Guess i will make regular medium.

Hi, you can use Master Armor repair kit, it just won’t repair it to the max :wink:

Same happens to me with Flawless Darfari armor. Infinite spinning repair wheel. Can’t re-equip. Relogging gets rid of the repair wheel but still cannot repair. Master repair kits also cannot repair. Yes, I have tried in an armor bench with an armorer capable of crafting said armor.