Keep getting kicked out

Hi all.
Can anyone help me please, everything worked out fine for a long time and now i keep getting You have been kicked by BattlEye. Reason: Query Timeout :frowning:
Ping and Server FPS are ok.
Thank you.


I’m having the same problem, randomly getting kicked with the same message.

Same, battleye problems, have been kicked by BattlEye. Reason: Query Timeout, private server admin is going to remove Battleye and see if it’s ok.

I have this probleme too, since today…

A few players and I are seeing something similar on our server for the last 6-7 hours. We’re shutting down Battleye temporarily.

Same here, Just started today

some players on our server and i got the same problem with BattlEye @Community

i’m getting the exact same message today as well. although, i got it on one server, and not another.

02 -12, 11.00 CET.

Same here.

reistalled BE (deleted BE common file folders) but no effect there.

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