Kicked by Battleye - Query Port

Game mode: PC Modded/Unmodded Servers
Type of issue: Battleye kicking from game after playing for a while/before connecting to server
Server type: Multi-game mods (Pve, Pve-C and PvP)
Region: North America

Seems that battleye has been kicking players from privately hosted servers after a period of time playing with a message stating that “you’ve been kicked by battleye for query port”. This just started happening more frequently across privately owned server platforms today. It has happened in the past but wasn’t a big deal as it was a one off. After going through several discords, I noticed that anyone who uses Battleye for a privately owned server is having members of the community randomly kicked while they are trying to connect or already in the game playing on the server. The message is then displayed “you’ve been kicked by battleye for query port”. I’ve looked into it with my server hosting and the query ports are opened as they should be for players to connect. Validating conan exiles files via steam seems to address the issue for the time being.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Connect to a server that is running battleye
  2. Play for a while or be kicked with the message “kicked by battleye for query port”
  3. Validate Conan files and try again (seems to resolve the issue for a time)
  4. Report it to the funcom forums to have it looked into

It’s happening on public servers as well. Booted 2x from 6440


The same happened for me today ( last time some minutes ago) while I was playing on two Exile Lands Official online PVE servers (EU) - I got message "You have been kicked by BattlEye. Reason: Query Timeout " and dc. However this didn’t occure while I was playing on Siptah official online PVE server, EU.

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Thanks for reporting that it’s also happening on officials! I knew it was happening for private servers but didn’t see anything for officials, this definitely helps :slight_smile:

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I’m getting the same thing, is there a network problem?



Same exact thing here. Four times in 20 minutes.

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Battleye kicking me for “query timeout” while im active in game. PVE. Official Server 1510. Been doing it for most of the day randomly to myself and my friends that play on the server as well. Please fix this funcom!!!

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Just got kicked from two Official PVE servers for “Query Timeout” within 10 minutes.

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It is Happening at South America Official Servers Too PVE-C #6306 every 10 minutes you got kicked with this message about BattlEye Reason: Query Timeout.

Been happening all day, official 1654.

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Me too, at 19h34 BR-SP Time but not only KICKED…
also intense LAGS while playing , server not finding the ping
on server list , taking ALOT to connect…

Just to be clear, my internet is ok, made some tests…

@Ignasis please awnser us, at least the staff knows about this?
they are doing something about this?
the situation is absurd, very sad for who just came back to play,

whats the point of working so hard in a game-project if the servers have constant problems, you need to solve this once for all…

I’m having the exact error today. although, i get it on one server, but not another.

First day after a year not playing Conan Exiles, racist brazilians in an official LATAM server raided me continously, not letting me play since the beginning, because of not being brazilian. Then, joined an official American server, and the exact same day it was flooded by a wave of hispanics claiming the server was now theirs and starting to ddos it for hours when the alphas started to raid them… btw, I am from South America, so I am not being a bigot, just describing my experience.
Now that I found a nice, quiet and almost empty official server to play and stablish… this happens. What the hell?

I get kicked every 10minuets for the same reason on a publick server! unplayable at this time.

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Same here on official server (exiled lands)
all 5 minutes kick by BattlEye. Reason: Query Timeout

Been happening all day on 6438 pve-c, very 5 mins or so get booted for battleye query timeout.

same on official server 6422 getting kicked out every 10min

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I tried to fix it by allowing the firewall access to BattleEye and then ConanSandbox app … it did work for some time but then again I logged out and when I logged back in it kicked me in 5 mins. EU 1040 btw… don’t know how long it’s going to last, lets hope for the best.

It happened to me as well on Official 1944. Per usual I received “Connection Lost. You must be connected to the internet to play online” at least 4 or 6 times before I could get online. I was online for only about 10 minutes before I was kicked by Battleye :Reason - Query Timeout. This happened twice so I decided it wouldn’t be safe to adventure until it was fixed.

I did download Ark Survival Evolved yesterday since it was on sale on Steam and my grandson wanted it for his birthday. When I installed the game it did ask me to install Battleye, which I did. If I didn’t see others having an issue with Conan I would have thought the Ark install had something to do with the connection problem.

I’ve been kicked at least 10 times in the last hour.

official #1800