Keep my items in hotbar after death (solved but not possible)

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I have been playing Conan : Exiles for a couple days now, and am enjoying the game very much. I’ve hired a dedicated server to test out the game with friends while using a few mods to play accordingly to what we want the game to be. Anyway.

I have a question thought, I’ve read here and there that it is possible to have our hotbar not emptied after death, is it a personnal option or a server setting ? I’d like to keep my items greyed out but still organized, so that they are usable as soon as I loot them again.

I must admit that I do not understand why it works this way by default. If I get killed, that’s because of something I’m supposed to face again when getting back to my corpse, but when I get there, I have to take precious seconds to get my items back in my hotbar while I’m still obviously in danger ^^

I’m not asking how to NOT loose my items upon death, I find it challenging to go and get my stuff back.

Could you help me find it and activate it please ?

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As far as I know, there’s no way to do what you’re asking, except maybe as part of a mod. Many of us have been asking for this sort of behavior for a while, so hopefully it will get implemented at some point.

Just figured you’d want to know so you don’t go banging your head on the keyboard wondering why you can’t find option that doesn’t exist.

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In Gportal server setting there are 3 areas with an on/off flag.
Keep inventory on death.
Keep Hot bar on death.
Keep back pack on death.

All are server wide. The only one i do not know what it really is, is the back pack one. Anyone know what area that covers? Armor maybe?


Thanks for the update ! :slight_smile:

Oh great news, did you try these settings out and do they work as intended ? Anyway, unfortunately i’m not hosted by G-Portal, i’m going to ask my host, thanks for the info !

I tried these options out, I wanted the players on my server to lose their inventory, but not their hotbar and armor. Turns out that I can not do this, it is either lose all or lose nothing.
Or I did not do it right, which is quite possible as well :wink:

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Indeed this is what I’m afraid of. I know I can check a box on me server settings to let people keep their inventory upon death.

But as you perfectly described it, I’d like to make my server players go and get back their stuff on their corpse, which is more challenging than just reappearing while their full inventory still available.

On the other hand, having to take 5 or 6 seconds to refill my hotbar and character panel with useful gear to handle the immediate fight, seems utterly complicated and inappropriate to me :confused:

Yikes, I usually just do a drive-by using the Loot All hotkey and then equip everything once I’ve reached a safe distance. Don’t even have to break stride as long as you have it bound properly; I think the default key is “F”.


good idea @Larathiel ! I’ve been trying various settings around these :


and I can confirm none of them worked on my server, I guess I have to wait for Funcom to make them usable again :confused:

Thanks everybody for your help and advice, I’m marking my question as “solved” :slight_smile:

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lol…thats what I do. Run in spam f, make sure I see the popup for getting stuff, and keep on running! Kind of a funny thing to do, but its exactly what I do.


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