Keyboard input Issue

Is anyone else experiencing control input lag since the update? I have had several instances since the 2.8 patch where keyboard inputs either don’t register or the effects lag by anywhere between a half and two seconds. I’ve tested my keyboard is other games and in notepad and the hardware doesn’t seem to be the issue. Not to say it isn’t but the lag/signal loss doesn’t seem to happen in any other applications.

Unmodded solo game in case anyone needs to know that. The keyboard is a Razer Blackwidow Elite.

I haven’t noticed that but maybe something related? The hotbar going completely dead causingt he inability to draw weapons, consume potions, food or water, and accompanied by the character going into a slow-walk. Only remedied by relogging.

I’m running a Tournament Edition, and have noticed lag when untoggling auto-run.

Are you running a Chroma scheme for CE?

To stop it from lagging, tap the Windows Key, then Alt+Tab back into Conan. This seems to keep the focus better.

So, I am also noticing that it only happens after I’ve played continuously for about 90 minutes, so both relogging and tabbing out and back in both might make sense in the case that the game is accumulating some kind of data or process that is cleared by those actions. I will continue to gather data and see if we can get it narrowed down something specific enough to report more than just an isolated incident.

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UPDATE: This morning I was playing Fallout 4 (heavily modded), and about 2 and a half hours in I started to have the same key lagging issue, so this is probably something in the Razer software that is happening in the background while the game is running. I will have to see if there are any updated drivers or software updates available but as far as I can tell the problem isn’t exclusive to CE.

Thanks for the input and have fun.

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That’s why I asked about the Chroma settings. If you set Conan to have a particular Chroma color scheme, I believe the Razer software can introduce a wait-state. This is why Winkey toggling can work to reset it.

Furthermore, if you run a Naga mouse by Razer, there are reported lag out issues with version 2 of their software. My Naga Hex will often stop responding, at an interval that leads me to believe that it’s Cloud sync from Razer’s end.

Good luck Exile!

Interesting, everytime I give a thought about giving Razer another chance, something like this happens. Originally I got tired of their products dying within a month or two of use. So I swapped over to Logitech. Logitech faired better, but never really improved their products in any meaningful way. I mean you can get their MMO mouse for $30 bucks easy. But they never made a better version.

So I’ve switched to Corsair and while their software can be tricky to setup compared to Logitech. The hardware is very well made. Now I’m using the Scimitar Mouse and K100 RGB Keyboard.

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