Khitai and the Rise of the Godslayer

I reached lvl 20 in Tortage, so I want a Khitai mage as a new alt?. But game says I can’t because I don’t the expansion. I can’t find where Rise of the Godslayer, which I assume is the expansion. Is this true? where can I find the expansion? I play Conan Unchained via Steam. Aardwulfe

You need to buy the expansion in the item shop for Funcom points.
Once you bought it there you will need to log off and restart the game, that should make sure the expansion is activated on your account. If that is done you can create a khitan character.

Also since you are using Steam you can buy The Hyborian collection that includes all the locked areas. And you used to get an ice bear mount wide. Sometimes the content is on sale too up to 50 percent off. Just purchase through steam without Funcom points (credit card or Steam card)

You might also be able to find Godslayer on Amazon in Disk form. That’s what I did and got it for $5. All you need is the code from it to enter into the system via your My Account, so don’t worry about having to fiddle with the CD’s.

Someone else was asking about the Hyborian Collection on Steam; it’s running for $23, which for all you get isn’t a bad price.

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23 dollars is an excellent deal. I bought it couple of years ago for something around that, might have been couple of bucks more, but it s great to have all areas open.

thanks, it worked and playing it now