Hyborian Conqueror Collection on Steam sale - Is it worth it?

I started rereading the Conan books and figured I’d come back and try out the game. Looks like the Hyborian Conqueror Collection is on sale for steam. It includes the:
Rise of Godslayer
Savage Coast of Turan
Dragon’s Spine
For $27CAD. I only ever played the free content before and can’t remember how far I got, it was a real long time ago.

Is this pack worth it? Are those areas locked unless you buy them? How much is it to unlock in-game using the Funcom points?

Thanks for any help. Hope to see some of you soon in-game.

If you like Age of Conan and you don’t have, definitely worths. In particular Rise of Godslayer, Turan and Dragon Spine give you not only a large parte of end game content (Turan map is lv 50-60 but have group dungeons and raid lv 80 and 2 beautiful scalable dungeons) but a very good part of the game as lore, scenaries, and new gameplay.
And yes, all area are locked unless you buy them. You don’t need, like before 2016 membership revamp, an active subscription, you can just buy them and stay F2P, but some gear (like Khitai epic and T6 gear) costs more than 10 gold for piece if you buy.

Vanaheim is more a DLC than expansione, qualitatively average-poor, but it’s included with others, so…

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If my memory serves me right those four cost like 40€ ingame via funcom points, thats straight ~ 58$CAD. With the relation of $CAD to funcompoints and back in € I do not know if that is correct, but I do know that every time I heard the current ingame prices I found them way overpriced, and 27$CAD for all of them together seems like a way better deal for me.
So if you like the game and those bucks do not hurt, get the deal.

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yes it’s 22 euro on steam, almost 50% less than the usual cost of them, definitely worths.

For what you get it’s a very good deal.

While I personally don’t like how Godslayer plays it’s pretty much mandatory if you wish to keep playing post lvl 80. Dragonspine falls into that same situation although the questing is better there than Godslayer.

Turan’s a great pack even if it covers such a small level range. Gives you something else to do instead of the Villa’s. That and the scaleable content makes it worth it.

Vanaheim’s not bad. You do get 2 new maps out of the 4 and it’s starts scaling at lvl 20 all the way up to 80 so it’s great for xp farming.

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If you like the game, this expansion deal 60 percent off is definitely worth it. All the expansions in one package is the way to go. I bought this some time ago on sale, opens all areas in game.

Thank you for all the responses. I’m going to go ahead and purchase the pack.

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