Steam age of conan discounts?

Will there be any discounts on this types of offers? Or FC totally forgor about its existance?

store.steampowered (dot) сom/app/530690/Hyborian_Conqueror_Collection/

store.steampowered (dot) com/app/489750/Ultimate_Level_80_Bundle/

they are discounted during steam sales if i remember correctly.

i dont saw any discounts in past 2+ months. Not even on halloween sale

but conan exiles instead has discounts really often.

Just buy it from a keyseller, it’s cheaper and works fine.

I dont see any of this keys online. I live in Russia, steam prices way cheaper then any online selling cause its in USD\euros.

Its ridiculous. They don’t even bother with limited time bundle pack sale offers. Something for those who still pay premium or something? Advertisements? Nope, nothing…
This is the worst MMO Company in existence. They don’t want to make any money or they don’t know how to make money in the first place.
Checking this game once in a while but i don’t think it matters anyway because the problem is the company and they will mess even their future games.

Actually there is a discount in the Steam-Shop.

there was indeed a discount during the black Friday sale.

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