Steam Midweek Madness Sale - Conan Exiles is now 40% off!

This was not announced by the developers yet, as they are out of the office and as it is part of Steam’s own Midweek Madness.
During the Midweek Madness, Conan Exiles and numerous other games on Steam are on a discount.

The following have a 40% discount for this sale:

The offer ends Monday November 19 (iirc 10AM Pacific Time). To take advantage of this sale, simply head over to the Steam Store page and let out your inner Conan. Survive, build and dominate.

Please note, Downloadable Content is not included.

A reminder for you (new) fellow Barbarians and Conan fans,

Thank you for taking the time to read this :wink:

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I might check this out. I’ve been enjoying it on my Xbox and have been thinking about mods. Thanks for the heads up!

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YES. JOIN US!!! Mods are the bestest best. I’m totally not biased in that opinion. :smirk::stuck_out_tongue:

Its a good deal but I wish there was a repeat buy discount, I have bought 2 copies for ps4 for me and my kid already plus all the dlcs. Now it almost seems like I need pc copy to find other players to enjoy the world with.

Hey @SpiralValve,

There’s at least one ps4 server that I know is being promoted actively on the discord. It does have a 18+/mature community, but is that a problem? I know you’re saying that they’re your kid, but that doesn’t need to imply that they’re not mature/18+ (you are their parent, so they might not be…)
Would you need a server that isn’t so mature - I mean you could still ask the player if they aren’t not-that-mature - or could you be okay with that?

If you want, join the discord and I might help with you search :wink:

I would like that thank you, my boy doesn’t play much so not worried about him lol. Shoot me a message on discord, same username as here. I have found a new one I hope will be as busy as the discord is lol.

@SpiralValve To dm you, you would need to be on the discord, or I would need your discord handle:
SpiralValve#XXXX, where XXXX are numbers. It may be found on your profile, which you can get by left clicking your picture/name in chat.

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