Any Free Weekends?

I am liking what i see on conan exiles but to me (atleast with my financial situation) i am not sure about buying it. Does Conan Exiles ever do free weekends or anything? Thanks for the help.

Haven’t ever seen a free weekend for Conan Exiles, but it’s available as part of the August Humble Bundle Monthly for $12 right now.

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How does that work? Thought about getting the game for a friend. Is the Humble Bundle version of CE transferable?

If you buy the humble bundle version, they give you an activation code to redeem it on steam. If buying for a friend, you can simply give them the activation code. There’s also an option to buy the monthly bundle as a gift for someone else.

Thanks, I think I may look into that.

Awesome thanks. Ill go check that out now. Thanks for the info.

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