Kick Time on Servers

I have been playing the game for some time since original development. With the influx of players since it went live you really have to set up a timer to allow everyone to play. Through steam today alone I have seen all servers I have played on having 20+ campers that do nothing else but play. We are talking 11-12 hours plus. So how can anyone else play on this server. These guys are level 60 within 3-4 days and untouchable along with raiding that is done to those of us that can only play 1-2 hours a day tops. There should be a 2 hour limit on servers and then you are returned to your spawn point and booted. This allows everyone to progress at a similar pace and creates space for everyone not just the “I don’t have a life and live with my parents” people. Really guys this needs to be addressed quickly. It has only been six days since you went live and most of the servers have the on-line campers (10-20 per server) that are commencing to run around and kill anyone who can finally get onto the server after hours of waiting. This is not what we paid our money for.