Killing the Game - Let us be heard!

Does anyone else have a problem with only being able to play a limited amount of time? By the time you can level up half the server is at Level 60 and you have no chance. Shouldn’t we have a server time limit to make the playing field equal? You can play all day just play on multiple servers! This allows everyone a more equal playing field and makes the same “AFK” campers move to other servers so that within three days everyone else is not over-powered by a select few. This really kills the game for people such as myself who have a life and cannot play 10-14 hours a day. If we capped the play time at 2-3 hours it frees up space on the servers and levels the playing field for everyone.

Survival games ARE casual games and there is NOTHING to do 10h/day.

You get 60 in max 3 days just by running naked and exploring the map, visiting each point of interest and doing a bit of journeys.

Also raid time is limited for everyone.

Finally, life is not about being solo. Your primary responsibility is to coop with other people and play in an organized group.

It’s NEVER about the QUANTITY, but always about the QUALITY. Organize yourself, your time, set goals, reach goals with minimum amount of investment and maximum ROI and have a reliable team.

Survive or die.

I was lvl 51 in 8 hours and didn’t build anything but a bed. Like he said in above post all you need to do is discover all locations on map and boom lvl 50 in no time. It doesn’t matter what you do if you don’t invest time into exploring like most everyone else you will be behind. I have a life as well I work 60+ hours a week play 4 hours a day and I fair just fine. Just need to explore


If you limit play time, people will abandon the game in droves.
It happened to the original FFXIV, I’m sure it would happen here too.

I’m pretty sure it failed in other games as well.

This failed so hard that Square Enix started denying they ever did it.


I don’t really think that would be right, limiting people time on a server just because they have time to play. I don’t have a ton of time every day to play either but I wouldn’t agree with a game doing that to people


If you only have 2-3 hours a day then playing on a PvE-C server or running your own private server would likely be the best options.


I agree with everything except your last point. This game is very much about quantity, especially so with the limit population cap on servers. Also in this game, there isn’t much room for specialization. There are clear METAs. The game needs tons of work.

You can solve this problem yourself by playing solo or in a private server with some modifications to get a more balanced play field without resorting to limit the players.

@OP: That would be stupid.

The only thing I can think of that comes close to your suggestion and wouldn’t be so stupid, is to give offline players some kind of XP boost for the time they were offline. World of Warcraft has such a system and it works alright. But a game developer should never punish the players for playing the game.

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