Killed offline in my base

I logged in to find out I was killed by a rocknose. Of course I lost all of my gear. Funny thing was I logged off in my base next to my bed. The exact same spot where I started when I logged on. So I was killed offline by a phantom rocknose??? That was able to somehow get into the middle of my base. I’m guessing this is a new bug. I play on PVE server 2731.

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Not a new bug but offline purge and mobs walking through walls. Bug old as purges, meaning this has always happened and will always happen until offline purges are thing.

I’ve had offline purges before. There was no damage to buildings, thralls, or furniture. Nor did anything show up in the event log. And I had just finished a Dafari tribe based purge that night, so my purge meter was down. My base is against the cliff walls with no direct access to the ground. Other than a small section specifically designed to “lure” the purge away from most things. So I’m not sure if your answer fits the situation.

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Side remark - i had a base (ground) totally accessable with a path for the purge to reach base.

They spawned on my roof.

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Gotcha. Thanks

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