Base destroyed while offline on PVE server

Hi, logged in after a few days offline to find I had been killed by a Gorilla even though I logged off in my base. Ran allllll the way back to find it almost totally destroyed save a few foundations. Checked the event log and it was all done by said mystery Gorilla and one by Verfallssytem?! Pretty much the entire base, chests, work benches and thralls all gone! The Gorillas are a ways away from my base aswell so I’m not sure how this happened! A very angry rebel gorilla? Any ideas? Bit annoying as spent weeks building and collecting now it’s all gone. Tried to upload pic of the log but new user so can’t. Am playing on PS4 on PVE Offical server 3013 … well was!

Sounds like a Gorilla purge.

I did think that after posting but didnt want to belive my friendly gorilla’s next door would do such a thing! guess back to the drawing board with more defence in mind!
Thanks for the reply :smile:

Offline purge…
Among the nominees for “Dumbest Ideas in Gaming History”

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it’s the decay system

the verfailssytem is likely going to be the gorilla destroyed a foundation and the wall connected to that foundation, which rendered a wall above it to not have enough support and caused it to fall.

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