Killing your own clan mate sucks

Wtf is the point in you can kill your clan mate by jumping on top of their character?
Seriously, what the actual **** is the point of that?
I just killed my friend when I ran down a stair and he had no bedroll in our new base, so he rage quit !
What is the point? Its not fun ? Fix this stupid **** !

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Did he or you get the Standing Elephant on head achievement? It is required to get one of them.

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Its called Goomba-Stomping and its fun and classy. :wine_glass:


It’s called Tower of the Elephant but yes, jumping on someone’s head and killing them in that way is a requirement to unlock that achievement.

That is pretty sad. On his part, not the games part.


He rage quit because you stepped on his head and he died? Really? The stuff is saved by you and he is only out the time it takes to get back to base? It would be different if you let it decay out because I would get ticked on that but the 5 to 20 minute inconvenience to pay for the humor of stepping on the head and hearing the squish…yeah that’s over dramatic

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Don’t u have to be encumbered to activate it. I died couple times like to my clan mates.

So he rage quit for dieing he would rage quit if lagged out, he would quit if u where pvp and got raided.

He would rage quit of purge, so in end he would of quit no matter what happens.

Just be happy he quit with out deleting ur base


If you are full encumbrance build then you cannot die. I helped a lot of persons to take this trophy in the past.
My dear @Jinkxd, it is sad that you and your friend experience a fun mechanism of the game in such a way. I am sorry for both of you. But…
You both need to understand that ending naked in the desert is the most certain act of pvp. You will rage quit a lot of times this game for several reasons trust me, even I did in the past.
ALWAYS trust tommorow, it is another day, so you can start over again.
Diying from several reasons will teach you to laugh, go over your rage and enjoy the game as it is, at this time you are a veteran, nothing can touch you anymore or ruin your fun, as long as you have your baddies with you enjoying the game.
IF, however this person is rage quitting in anything, then Conan exiles is not for his age yet so it is best not to play with you, because his bad energy will destroy your experience too.
Choose your clan mates wisely, this game demands a lot of time and worth so keeping positive energy in your clan is very important, the most important actually.
I wish you beautiful gaming days with your friend m8 :+1:t6:


It was fun the first time indeed. But it has happened sooooooooooo many times now that it ******* sucks now ! We both got over 3000 hours in the game, so we are pretty tired of it …

Then stop playing mario that simple

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