Kingdom of Atham - MMORPG - 4X - AoC - Alot more PC-NO RP-NO SEXILES

Kingdom of Atham - MMORPG - 4X - AoC - Alot more

English & French Admin available!


1- Town (Atham) with economy system (40+ merchant’s!)
2- Underwater City (Port Royal) (6 merchant’s)
3- Crafting Eldritch Town (Jutonheim) (20+ merchant’s)
3- Special Wave System Defence (Unique to this server)
2- Arena for PvE event’s! or PvP town for Blood thirst
3- Weekly Quest offered, Black keep Quest Line
4- World boss’s
5- Dungeon’s (Lost Temple)(More Religion based coming)
6- Special Supporter shop
7- Weekly giveaway’s!
8- Active Admin’s
9- Dedicated rule’s for server stability!

New collection for KoA mod’s

Growing community come and feel welcome in a fantasy world were
we are all equal and we all help each other!!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in discord myself or an admin should respond fairly quickly!