NEW Kingdom of Atham PvE(5X)AoC 26 mod

NEW Kingdom of Atham PvE(5X)AoC 26 mod

English & French Admin available!

1- Town with economy system (40+ merchant’s!)
2- Coloseum for PvEvP & Arena PvE Events!
3- Special guild quest line - Fighter, Thief, Wizard
4- Training tower , AoC Dungeon’s! ,Thrall war dungeon!
5- Weekly giveaways!
6- Special donator shop , Player trading post!
7- RP manor (ttt)(mysterie events) Alot more!
8- Active Admin’s
9- Dedicated world cleanup’s

New collection for KoA mod’s

If you have any questions feel free to ask in discord myself or an admin should respond fairly quickly!

Rule’s displayed on discord very friendly and relax