Kingdom of Atham PVE/RP 18+

Welcome to Kingdom of Atham PvE/RP +18+

ENGLISH (Fr admin available)

The way i see this server it’s made for either New player, Casual Player or even hardcore one’s the content within this server is not forced upon you
you have to make choice either there easy or not. Build, Farm , Hunt, Quest etc… it’s all here at the tips of your fingers!

Come and enjoy our out of this world dungeon with new landscapes (not regular conan hehe)
Amazing admin team!

1- Town with merchants(all ingame items needed)
2- Coloseum for PvePvP
3- Fun people!
5- Special donator shop
6- Content,Immersion, Just a good setup :stuck_out_tongue:

We did build a Town with economy system and all , quest line’s , guild system for special class sort of thing! yes this is insatiably the best conan server iv’e ever came across!

Couple of mod’s to make old Conan Exiles feel brand new!

Pippi - User & Server Management - v2.2.7
Fashionist v3.0.2 (1.0 and DLC compatible)
All The Little Things
Conan Sexiles 3.1.4
ExilesExtreme - v1.4.45
Admin Build Anywhere
WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
Admin Skelos Collector for WARRIOR Mutator
Glass Constructions and more…
Savage Steel
Savage Steel vol II
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
Thrall War Decorations
IMMERSE RP : Buildings & Placeables Decor
Roleplay 1.8.1
The Age of Calamitous
Level 250 Mod
Hosav’s Pets Extended
Improved Quality of Life
RP Aesthetics (RA)
Better Thralls v1.7.1
ThrallSideKick 0.4.9
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Less Building Placement Restrictions - Additional

If you have any questions feel free to ask in discord myself or an admin should respond farely quiclky!

Don’t be shy visit Discord and see full set of rules!