Kingdom Of Ethos **New** 18+ Server

We (Admins) have a brand new server for Conan Exiles on PS4, all set up and ready for new people to join! We are looking to build a community of like-minded players to enjoy this awesome game with. We have created this server based upon several factors. One of which includes how we enjoy to play along with how we’ve perceived others to enjoy PvP gameplay. We have created our rules and developed game play for our server all the while trying to create a balanced atmosphere but only time will tell. With that being said the following is not written in stone. Our server will progress and change and in time, with server community voting and proper Admin management, we hope to develop an epic server that meets the wants of all our players! Or at the very least most of you.

We’ve taken an “its our world” approach when setting up our server and exiled land. This involved naming our “land” Kingdom Of Ethos as well as developing role-play story (to a certain degree), events, quest, and much more. But first and foremost. The rules.


24/7 PvP w/ Weekend ONLY raiding.


Green Bean Status: All newcomers get 7 days where they are completely safe from PvP or being raided. Green Bean status will be posted on server message boards and a wooden signpost (provided by admin) with start date, must be posted outside base. Green Bean Status is waived if you raid or PvP first within the first 7 days .

Which brings us to…


Minor Violations: May Result In; Fines (silver or resources) or death by gas chamber.

Major Violations: May Result In; Ban from server

We HIGHLY recommend showing up to court to tell your side and pull out those receipts (screenshots or whatever other proof you have) or else a bounty WILL be placed on your head.

Extra Info On Our Server:

Starter Package For All Newcomers

Trade Post: Tavern and Bank of Ethos found inside



Job Board: With lots to do around the Kingdom Of Ethos, we are always looking to fulfill a need. Think you can lend a hand somewhere? Tell us why and how and maybe the job can be yours.

Bounties: Occasionally Wanted:Dead posters will be put up around the Kingdom. Kill and be rewarded for your troubles. (Screenshot needed to receive reward)

Rent-A-Wheel: Need to convert a thrall faster or maybe you don’t own a wheel? Rent a wheel now for dirt cheap! Wait, did we say dirt? We meant stone!

Admin Challenge: Periodically we as admins get bored with management and want to get down and dirty. That’s when we show up to your base not in god mode and without legendary items for a

1-on-1 battle. Admin loss equals big reward for you. Loot our bodies on death and behold your treasure! Not to mention being rewarded with “Beast Of The Week”

Beast Of The Week: Got the better of a worthy opponent? Fought a monstrous beast? Won a boss battle? Hit us with a screen shot of your victory and you could end up the “Beast Of The Week”

(Admin Challenge Winners Automatically rewarded with “Beast Of The Week”)


**Check out our facebook page @Kingdom Of Ethos +18/10x Boosted RP or Message an admin psn: LadySavageX_x

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