Kingdom of Thorns - RP / Storyteller Modded Server - Now on Savage Wilds!

Kingdom of Thorns RP/Storyteller Server for PC is now open on the Savage Wilds map.

Lore heavy world with ongoing GMed story events, numerous static scripted quests, quest chains, dungeons, and arena.


Steam Mod Collection: Steam Workshop::Kingdom of Thorns Mod Collection

On Kingdom of Thorns this weekend, September 3-5, we are having an end of summer festival. New players are welcome to join us in the festivities. Something wicked this way may come? Or is it just mischief? There will be prizes… and ale and mead… and blood? Or perhaps just a bit of fun with arena matches, masquerade social, fashion shows and more. Hope to see you there!

Also of note: Kingdom of Thorns now has it’s own website: Check us out there.