Kingdom of Thorns - RP / Storyteller Modded Server

Kingdom of Thorns RP/Storyteller Server for PC has just launched.

Lore heavy world with ongoing GMed story events, numerous static scripted quests and quest chains.


Steam Mod Collection: Steam Workshop::Kingdom of Thorns Mod Collection

Two new admin created dungeons have been added, bringing the total number of admin added dungeons to five, with more in planning.

Ongoing storyline events have also begun, allowing people to dig into the lore and past of the land.

The Black Roses have Opened a new Arena for both PvP and PvE encounters. Featuring two dozen scripted PvE encounters and robust rewards, champions will be made and fortunes won!

Two new admin created dungeons, our best two yet, have been added.

First, in the south (G3), a small villiage has had all its residents mysteriously disappear. Investigate and discover the secret of what happened… while dealing with the angry ghosts of the villiages. A highly scripted haunted villiage focused on investigation and discovery, rather than combat (though there is that too).

Meanwhile in the north east (N10) an ancient library dating back thousands of years has been discovered. Who rules it, and what are they plotting? A combat focused dungeon complete with boss rush and featuring excellent loot, this dungeon showcases the danger and support a mysterious threat to the land already has at his disposal.

For those seeking to learn the secrets of Blood Magic, and not have to deal with the ridiculous grind that is the default method AoC utilizes, the Red Arcanium has opened its door to any who wish to learn.

Be warned though, the path they offer is not for the faint of heart, and those who are already members of the Almara Arcanium, the magic school of goody-two-shoes Arcane and Elemental mages, are not easily welcomed.

The first Chapter of our ongoing Storyline “Legacy of the Ancients” has come to the close with the destruction of the Black Cathedral and a brief confrontation with the mysterious “Wanderer” who has been going about corruption people who come to these lands and settle here against his wishes.

How will things develop from here? Who is the mysterious “Wanderer” who claimed the lands as a memorial? Will the newcomers be able to thwart him, or will they fall to chaos and corruption like so many before them? There will be answers to these question and other adventures and stories to see and participate in the Kingdom of Thorns!

With the newest major patch from Age of Callamitous and their addition of Holy/Light Magic, like the other magics, a location to learn the new magic has been added to the Kingdom of Thorns. The Golden Temple is now open to guide all comers to learn the ways of divine magic, though those who have taken up Blood Magic will find that the Temple offers limited guidance for those tainted by that dark art.

Two major items have been added:

First, a mysterious egg is hidden away in the Volcano. Hatching this egg is a special extended quest line that will earn a special powerful pet and will involve travelling across the land gathering supplies and protecting the abandoned egg.

Second, all major player settlements have come under siege by a mysterious army of snakemen, where this army is staging from and stopping it is imperative to those settling in the land. An ongoing and active event featuring both GMed events and static dungeons, the next chapter of the ongoing storyline begins to unfold now…